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Hello folks! Welcome to my blog. I am Abigail McAdams and I am 45 years old. I am the happy mother of three wonderful children and I am a stay at home mom. As the kids are growing, I am starting to have more free time of my hands, which I do not want to see going to waste. For this reason, I started to take an active part in the activities organized by our local church. I find that these activities are very healthy and helpful for our community and this is what this blog will be all about.

Baby plays outdoors in the fall weather with her family, photographed by portrait photographer Becca Bond

I sincerely believe that the role of the church in local communities should be more active and widespread, because families can take great advantage of being part of a helpful community. Even if I am a stay at home mom, I know how difficult it can be for parents who both work full time to always look after their young ones. Just recently, our church community came up with the idea of offering affordable babysitting services within the community. The initiative was welcome, and right now I believe that our community is growing stronger because of the help given to those parents in need of an occasional babysitter.







Another activity organized in our local community with the involvement of the church that I tremendously enjoy is cookout contests. And it is not just us, the ladies, who get involved in this fun activity. We also bring our kids who learn how to cook from an early age, which I personally believe that it is a life skill that should not be overlooked. All the food we make is donated to the poor, so they can enjoy a warm home cooked meal, at least once in a while. We also organize free lunches, where the poor can come and sit at the table, so we can together enjoy a nice meal.


We have many other activities people like getting involved in. The whole point is getting closer to other members of the community and offering them a helping hand. On Saturdays, some of us visit the elderly who do not have their family close and help them with a few chores, to make things easier for them. While not all activities can involve children, I especially love the idea of being able to transmit something to the young generation. I strongly believe that kids should be taught to be helpful and generous with those in need from a young age, so they can grow as honest individuals who never forget the importance of giving to others.


I hope I will see many people interested in my blog and that I will inspire others to outreach to those in need and get involved in such community projects.

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