Preparing meals for the less fortunate members of our community

My local church is always doing something that benefits our neighborhood and recently I volunteered to help prepare meals for the less fortunate members of our community. I was promptly put in charge of desserts and thankfully I own a cake pop maker. Since these meals are going to be handed out whatever I chose to make for dessert had to be easily portable, which is why I decided on cake pops.


19Cake pops are fun, delicious and really easy to make. You can almost any flavor of cake, and trust me when I say that it is actually fun decorating the pops. Some people have asked me how I got my cake pops to turn out perfectly round and the answer is simple, it is because of the batter I use. I never use box batter I make my own and the recipe can be easily found online simply by looking up “cake pop batter”. If you do decide to use a box mix remember to decrease the amount of liquid. You don’t want the batter to be runny like it is for a normal cake, instead it should be nice and thick. This will help ensure that the cake pops are nice and round.


20Once the batter is mixed it is time to pour it into the cake pop maker ( I recommend the one from Holstein), and I recommend using a plastic bag. Pour the batter into the baggie, snip off a small corner and squeeze the batter into the small holes on the cake top maker. After that simply follow the operating instructions that should have come with the machine. When the cake pops are done, simply let them cool before decorating.


This is when it gets really fun, at least for me. Depending on how creative you feel and the decorating tools you have laying around your kitchen you can put almost any design on a cake pop. Create a funny face or add fun stripes and swirls, or add colorful sprinkles after the pop is frosted. If you were wondering if you have to use a special type of frosting the answer is no. You can use your favorite brands and flavors or make your own. Once the cake pop is frosted and decorated all that is left is to sit back and enjoy the delicious treat.


I should also mention that my cake pops were a real hit, especially with the kids. Just seeing the smiles on their faces made it all worth the time and effort.

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