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As a mom of three active kids I am always looking for quick and easy snacks, and now I’m also babysitting my nephew. Unlike my kids who will eat almost anything, my nephew is a little pickier, so I’ve had to do a little research. After finding a few simple recipes and trying them out on my nephew, I thought other parents might find these easy snack ideas useful. Each one only takes a couple of minutes to put together, and the best part is you’ll have peace and quiet while they’re happily munching.



One of my favorites calls for sliced turkey. Now all you need is either celery sticks ( celery is actually pretty healthy), pretzels rods or in my case multigrain crackers. My nephew won’t eat celery or pretzels. If you use celery top it with cream cheese and a slice of turkey, my kids love it when I wrap the turkey around a pretzel rod. It’s really good with a side of mustard for dipping. If you’re using crackers add a bit of ranch dressing on top. Trust me, even the pickiest child will love this easy snack.

As finicky as my nephew is I was surprised and pleased that he has developed a taste for humus. Not only is it nutritious, but it is also extremely affordable. There’s nothing better than feeding your kids a healthy snack that they love for only a few cents. My nephew loves to dip raw cauliflower in the humus, while my kids like it on a bagel with a slice of tomato.

Whether you have good old fashioned peanut butter in your pantry or Nutella either will work perfectly in this snack that my nephew loves. He likes it when I spread peanut butter on sliced pears and top it with a little bit of granola. I prefer it on a rice cake, and I usually add some blueberries on top. I figure if nothing else this is a great way to ensure that I get some fruit in my diet. My kids usually ask for peanut butter on toast with honey and some dried cherries on top. Whichever way you choose to make it, you’ll end up with a healthy and delicious snack that only takes minutes to prepare.

Do you know how many quick and easy snacks you can make with just a slice of cheese and a few other items? When my nephew is over, I often slice up an apple and wrap the wedges with cheese and a little bit of ham, though my daughter does prefer turkey. My sons and I both like a slice of cheese on some warm toast, and with a piece of avocado on top, it is a snack that adult palates will love.

These are just a few of the easy snack ideas my nephew enjoys if you have any that you would like to share I look forward to reading them in the comments below.

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