Making Cake Pops for My Fellow Volunteers

As I mentioned in the introductory post to my blog, I am quite involved with community life and I like being part of it. That means that we often gather for volunteering work, and sometimes that means that a lot of time and effort is spent for the greater good. Don’t get me wrong, no one is complaining, but once I noticed that even the most pleasant people can become tired and a bit cranky after a few hours of volunteering work, I decided to make things right.


That is how I started making cake pops to bring with me during our get-togethers. Cake pops are a really fun and easy desert to make, and also easy to serve. For instance, a few of us gather every Wednesday and Friday to tutor the kids in our community that have troubles keeping up with school. Teaching kids can be very rewarding, but quite tiring, especially for adult brains who practically do all the heavy lifting. I noticed right away how only after an hour or so, both adults and kids were becoming too tired to continue and needed a break. That is when I made their introduction to my delicious cake pops.


Do not think that I toiled for hours in the kitchen to make them. I still have a house to run and three kids that need to be cared for. Actually, because I wanted to help and do so in an efficient manner, decided me for cake pops. As you may well know, these delicious treats are like cakes on sticks. They are bite size and they are packed with delightful flavors. To make my job simpler, I got myself a cake pop maker, you know, the type of machine that turns the dough into perfect round cake pops within minutes. I got myself a model that can churn out 12 cake pops at a time, so I was pretty productive. Next on my list, I had to purchase plenty of sticks, which are really very cheap and can be reused, and some cake pop stands.


I was very pleased to see how happy the kids were when they saw the cake pops so neatly arranged on the stands, waiting for them. Now they know they have something to look forward to when they come for their extra lessons, and no longer find it like such a big chore. But my fellow volunteers were as enthralled with my choice, as well, since they are putting plenty of their time and effort into helping the community. For them, and the look on their faces, I will definitely continue to make a lot of cake pops in the future. Especially since I have such a handy tool to make a lot of cake pops in record time, I do not find it difficult, and it is really a big pleasure for me to be able to help, in my own way.

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