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Why I Enjoy Going to Church Every Sunday

I know that many followers of the Christian faith are not as keen to going to the church every Sunday as they used to be in the past. I also know for a fact that they are not doing this because they fell out of habit, and not because they are no longer followers of the faith. I personally enjoy going to church Sunday after Sunday and only if something important really gets in the way, I skip this tradition. So, without any intention to preach others what to do, I am going to tell you why I personally enjoy doing this and why I think it is important for communities to cultivate such customs and not let them die.

First of all, going to church every Sunday keeps me in touch not only with God, but also with other members of our community that I meet there. After church, we often spend a little time together, talking about our lives, exchanging ideas and promising to each other that we will see each other again next Sunday. In a way, I believe that this simple habit of going to church gives life structure, for me and for anyone else who is attending. This structure pertains to human bonds that are so frail and so easy to lose in this day and age.

I use the time I spend in church each Sunday to learn more about the Bible and its teachings. Tradition lacks too much from our daily lives and that shows in the fact that there are so many people today that feel anxious and unhappy, because they no longer have something to believe in. This is someone I never wish to become and that is why I want to cultivate the same good habits in my kids, as well. When I am asking people that do not go to church why they choose this, they tell me that they find it nothing less than an obligation, so for them, this has no meaning. In our community, there are few people who are like this, so I cannot say I know all the reasons of those who do not go to church. However, this is where I think I have something to say.

Going to church means an occasion to reconnect with God, to give our thanks for living yet another week on this earth, and also to reconnect with old friends. It is this continuity that is the best reward for what we are doing every Sunday. So, you see, going to church has a deep meaning, one that is bound to make us happy and thrive in our communities. People get too much involved with competition, with climbing the social or the career ladder, and they forget their friends in the process. The worst thing is that, once they get there, on top, they realize, too late more often than not, that they are alone and not happy at all. That is why I encourage everyone to go to church every Sunday and enjoy being together with people from their communities.